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“My Roots” HER: Women in Asia for DW

Documentary: How Thailand’s first transgender billionaire overcame a turbulent childhood to become the successful entrepreneur she is today.

"The Way We Move" for BBC StoryWorks

Branded Content: In this Bangkok “Food Challenge,” two friends hit the food highlights of Bangkok, moving around the city with ease and enjoyment.

“Stoners Selling Legal Weed in Thailand” for Vice Asia

Documentary: VICE meets one of the key players in Thailand’s budding cannabis industry, Highland, and attend the country’s biggest 420 festival.

“Aerosoft Anyone” for Aerosoft

Rebranding Campaign: No matter who you are or what you do, there’s a perfect Aerosoft shoe for you. Find your perfect fit with Aerosoft.

"20th Anniversary Video" for BMW Financial Services

Campaign: Loyal BMW customers share what makes the brand so special for BMW Financial Service’s 20th-anniversary campaign. 

"An Estate Agent for Spirits" for the BBC World Service

Radio Documentary: Take a tour of Bangkok’s spirit houses and explore how the age-old tradition has endured through generations.

“My Business” HER: Women in Asia for DW

Documentary: Meet the single mother and food stall owner who turned a decades-old family recipe into a thriving business.

“XDrive Experience” for BMW Financial Services

Campaign: For their 20th anniversary, BMW rewarded their loyal customers with the unforgettable XDrive Experience.

“Aerosoft Anywhere” for Aerosoft

Rebranding Campaign: Discover how Aerosoft is the perfect fit for any occasion, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

“Shop Local Thailand” for Neato

Branded Content: Explore how Elephant Haven, an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Labor of Loss" Podcast for Winrock International

Podcast: A series that explores human trafficking and labor exploitation across Asia, from a fishing fleet in South Korea to a brick kiln in Cambodia.

Original Theme Song for Project Runway Thailand

Reality Show: An original theme song for Thailand’s rendition of the world-renown fashion reality competition series, Project Runway.