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"Inside Thailand’s Tractor Races" for Vice Asia

Documentary: Inside the subculture of thrill-seeking Thai farmers and mechanics who modify their rice farming tractors to race each other in muddy rice fields.

"The Way We Move" for BBC StoryWorks​

Branded Content: Join the adventure as two friends embark on the ultimate “Bangkok Food Challenge,” savoring the city’s culinary gems while effortlessly navigating its vibrant streets.

“Adrenaline” HER: Women in Asia for DW

Documentary: Meet Stamp Fairtex, a Muay Thai fighter and mixed martial artist with three world championship titles. She found strength in the ring after battling severe bullying.

“My Roots” HER: Women in Asia for DW

Documentary: How Thailand’s first transgender billionaire overcame a turbulent childhood to become the successful entrepreneur she is today.

“Stoners Selling Legal Weed in Thailand” for Vice Asia ​

Documentary: VICE meets one of the key players in Thailand’s budding cannabis industry, Highland, and attend the country’s biggest 420 festival.

“Breaking chains” HER: Women in Asia for DW

Documentary: Meet the “Angel of Khlong Toei,” who dedicated her life to advocating for children in poverty in the slum where she was born and raised.

“Aerosoft Anyone” for Aerosoft

Rebranding Campaign: No matter who you are or what you do, there’s a perfect Aerosoft shoe for you. Find your perfect fit with Aerosoft.

"20th Anniversary Video" for BMW Financial Services

Campaign: Loyal BMW customers share what makes the brand so special for BMW Financial Service’s 20th-anniversary campaign. 

"An Estate Agent for Spirits" for the BBC World Service

Radio Documentary: Take a tour of Bangkok’s spirit houses and explore how the age-old tradition has endured through generations.

“My Business” HER: Women in Asia for DW

Documentary: Meet the single mother and food stall owner who turned a decades-old family recipe into a thriving business.

“XDrive Experience” for BMW Financial Services

Campaign: For their 20th anniversary, BMW rewarded their loyal customers with the unforgettable XDrive Experience.

“Aerosoft Anywhere” for Aerosoft

Rebranding Campaign: Discover how Aerosoft is the perfect fit for any occasion, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

“Shop Local Thailand” for Neato

Branded Content: Explore how Elephant Haven, an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Labor of Loss" Podcast for Winrock International

Podcast: A series that explores human trafficking and labor exploitation across Asia, from a fishing fleet in South Korea to a brick kiln in Cambodia.

Original Theme Song for Project Runway Thailand

Reality Show: An original theme song for Thailand’s rendition of the world-renown fashion reality competition series, Project Runway.