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5 Signs You’ve Officially Become a Native Bangkokian

Bangkok Skyline

If you’ve been living in Bangkok for a while, you might have noticed some changes in your habits and preferences. You might have adapted to the local culture and lifestyle without even realizing it. Here are five signs that you’ve been living in Bangkok too long and you love it!

1. Taking a Bangkok motorcycle taxi.

Why walk short distances when you can hop on a motorbike and zoom through traffic? You know the best routes, shortcuts, and enjoy the thrill of weaving between cars and buses. Plus, you’re adept at bargaining with drivers and tipping generously.

Bangkok Motorbike

2. Taking off your shoes whenever you enter a house.

You respect the Thai tradition of removing shoes indoors to keep the space clean and sacred. You enjoy the coolness of tiles or wooden floors under your feet after being outside all day. You own various slippers for different occasions and always check your shoes for spiders before wearing them.

Taking your shoes off

3. Putting chili and salt on your fruit.

You’ve developed a taste for spicy and salty flavors, and you enjoy them even on your sweet fruits. You can’t imagine eating pineapple, mango, or watermelon without sprinkling some chili and salt on them. You also love the sour and tangy sauces that come with the fruit carts.

4. Drinking out of a plastic bag.

You’re content with simple plastic bags for your drinks, whether it’s iced coffee, Thai tea, or juice. They’re convenient, allowing you to sip through a straw and hang them on your wrist or bike handle. Plus, you’re savvy at recycling them or finding other uses for them.

5. Speaking Thai like a pro.

You’ve mastered the basics of the Thai language, and you can communicate with the locals with ease. You know how to use the polite particles, the tones, and the slang. You can crack jokes, flirt, and haggle in Thai. You also mix Thai words with English when you speak with other foreigners, and they’re impressed by your skills. Perhaps you speak Thai as well as My Mate Nate!

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